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The Dark Store Business Model


Dark Store Business Model is not compared to the others models of eCommerce, retailing, or omni-store / multichannel retailing. However, it has its special features which can share some commonalities with other types of retailing in different levels. The main features of this model are: A physical location to sell your products. This could either be at the same site with your competitors, at a separate store within your store, or in a warehouse of your own.


Another feature of this ecommerce personalization use cases dark store business model is the ability to accept orders for goods online from your customers and pass on the details to your suppliers. This allows you to save money on stock requirements and reduce operation costs. This also allows you to extend your business offerings to meet the increasing needs of online shopping. You need not have a dedicated sales force to take care of customer orders. The retailers themselves take care of these by providing the necessary services such as order fulfillment and delivery.


Order Fulfillment The order fulfillment part of this dark store business model is similar to what many wholesalers and online retailers have. What is unique here is that the retailer collects payment for the goods that have been purchased and passes it to the fulfillment company for them to deliver the goods to the consumers. This fulfillment company then makes all the necessary deliveries to the consumers. In case the consumers do not get what they have ordered then the retailers themselves will consider returning the goods back to the fulfillment company for a full refund. In this way, the dark stores are not only able to reduce operating costs, but also help their competitors to do so. There is no loss for the retailer in this kind of arrangement.


In-store Pickup Many retailers, both online and offline, have been successful using this type of dark store business model by providing a service that can be done at the consumers' homes or offices. The retailers offer their customers the option of in-store pickup. With in-store pickup, the customers visit a particular location of the dark store, select the products they want and pay for them online. The retailer then delivers these products to the customers.


Online Consultants This type of alcohol ecommerce companies business model is also commonly used by online retailers. The online retailers use these same techniques to manage the inventories of their products. However, this time, instead of being at physical locations, these retailers make their inventory available over the internet. In this way, the retailers are not required to build physical stock rooms. Instead, they simply need to keep an eye on the stock levels of their products and dispatch them to the specified addresses when they are replenished.


Dark Store Business Model - What Is A Good One? To ensure that your company's dark stores run effectively, you must ensure that you have chosen one that incorporates all the above-discussed aspects. Your inventory management process should be transparent and easy to understand. And you should be able to handle all aspects of your inventory management process quickly and efficiently without any glitches. This means you must implement inventory management software that integrates all the aspects we have mentioned in this article. Know more about ecommerce at http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4671808_online-store-work.html.